"Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring day. We had no idea our children would take to singing so enthusiastically, and it's amazing what you managed to get from them." - LV, Southampton

"I wish I had the same remote control for the kids that you do. I can't believe how calm they are!" - JL, Bromsgrove

"I've always been described as tone deaf, but I really enjoyed the day, and it turned out to be more fun as a team-building activity than go-karting or rafting!" - RC, Norwich

Jon Payne has an established track record in delivering inspirational singing workshops for schools, churches, and community groups, drawing on his wide experience as an educational choral animateur, youth choir leader, and cathedral musician.

Bespoke workshops, closely designed to help your group achieve its objectives, offer:
- a lively introduction to a broad range of music from around the world
- music carefully selected to educate singers about different cultures, languages, places, and periods in history
- great techniques to develop the quality of singing
- strategies to build singers' confidence
- most importantly of all: fun!

For schools, workshops can include elements to address National Curriculum targets, such as: 
- exposure to, and teaching about forms of music notation including Curwen Kodaly and staff notation
- a focus on the established benefits singing has on mental and physical health and wellbeing
- CPD elements and resources to help develop your own singing leaders' skills and practice

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