"Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring day. We had no idea our children would take to singing so enthusiastically, and it's amazing what you managed to get from them." - LV, Southampton

"I wish I had the same remote control for the kids that you do. I can't believe how calm they are!" - JL, Bromsgrove

"I've always been described as tone deaf, but I really enjoyed the day, and it turned out to be more fun as a team-building activity than go-karting or rafting!" - RC, Norwich

Jon Payne has an established track record in delivering fantastic and inspirational singing workshops for schools, churches, and other community groups, drawing on his wide experience as an educational choral animateur, youth choir leader, and professional church musician. 

Bespoke workshops, closely designed to help your school to achieve its National Curriculum objectives, offer:
- a lively introduction to a broad range of music from around the world
- music carefully selected to educate singers about different cultures, languages, places, and periods in history
- great techniques to develop the quality of singing
- strategies to build singers' confidence
- exposure to, and teaching about forms of music notation including Curwen Kodaly and staff notation
- a focus on the established benefits singing has on mental and physical health and wellbeing
- CPD elements and resources to help develop your own singing leaders' skills and practice
- most importantly of all: fun!


Typically aimed at KS1, KS2, or secondary-aged groups, a whole-day school workshop will begin with an energetic physical, mental, and vocal warm-up. Jon will then introduce your group to a range of songs, each chosen to meet one or more specific music curriculum outcomes. Songs chosen also have cross-curricular benefits, exposing students to foreign/ancient languages, and elements of geography, history, science, and RE. During the day, through a range of fun activities and games, Jon will help develop your group's singing technique and confidence. The workshop culminates, towards the end of the school day, with a short performance to an audience of your choosing. This might be another class within the school, a whole-school assembly, or an invited group of parents. 

There is a strong CPD element to workshops. Your nominated teacher(s)/singing leader(s) will be encouraged to lead the afternoon warm-up session, having observed Jon doing so in the morning. At the end of each session (morning break, lunchtime, and at the end of the day), teacher(s)/leader(s) will be invited to assess the students' progress, and Jon will help them to develop their practice in assessing musical progress against curriculum targets. You will receive a pack containing the songs used during the day, together with piano accompaniments; and a selection of warm-up exercises, singing games, and techniques for improving the quality of singing within the school. 

COST: £300 (VAT is not charged)
GROUP SIZE: The optimum group size is 30-60 students - but workshops can be adapted to suit smaller or larger groups as required.
REQUIREMENTS: A school hall or other large space is required (classrooms are not suitable). A piano, digital piano, or well-amplified keyboard; and the facility to project words/music from a laptop are also required (if your school does not have these, Jon can supply them if notified in advance). 
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: There are many philanthropy donors, small trusts, and grant-making foundations keen to sponsor the cost of work such as this. Jon can advise on suitable organisations in your local area and provide assistance with submitting applications. 

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Jon has led hundreds of workshops for the Royal School of Church Music, Praxis, and other church organisations. These range from work with church choirs and congregations to develop singing and expand repertoire, to workshop events for larger groups on particular themes, such as music for the Eucharist, the new Eucharistic Prayers for use with children, and 'Instant Evensongs' for less experienced singers. 

These can be arranged for an evening, a half-day, or whole day, according to your requirements. 

COST: Variable - please contact to discuss requirements. If costs are prohibitive, it can be good to team up with other churches in your local area to offer the event to a wider audience.
GROUP SIZE: Any - Jon has worked with small groups of 4-5 singers, up to cathedrals with 300-500 singers
REQUIREMENTS: For smaller group work, it's good to have a piano available. For larger groups, Jon likes to work with a competent accompanist - again, please contact to discuss further. 


Jon has worked with many community singing groups and workplace choirs, equally at home with singers of all ages and ability levels. He is skilled in teaching music 'by ear' as well as from notation, and great at generating an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm. Whether your group sings regularly or comprises people who have never sung before, community singing workshops can be a great way to encourage your team to bond with each other. 

Jon also offers team-building experiences for corporate and charity clients, based around group singing. He directed the highly successful workplace choir for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and has, in the past, worked for Norwich Union (now Aviva), John Lewis Partnership, and many other organisations. 

COST: Variable - please contact to discuss requirements
GROUP SIZE: For community singing, 30-40 people is the ideal. For corporate team building, groups of 15-30 people.
REQUIREMENTS: A good-sized space where participants are able to move around, and a piano/digital piano available. 
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: There are many philanthropy donors, small trusts, and grant-making foundations keen to sponsor the cost of work such as this. Jon can advise on suitable organisations in your local area and provide assistance with submitting applications.
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